Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trapped for Corruption

I received a message from a reliable source who refused to be identified as he is not authorized to release a report, that a top provincial Bureau of Internal Revenue officer, a certain Mr. Josefino Ong was caught red handed extorting money from James Lingbanan a resident of Bauko Mountain Province Philippines. Police operatives from the local Philippine National Police under the leadership of P. Supt. Pedro Laganse Ganir from Ilocos Sur and his men conducted an entrapment operation after a complaint was filed to their office. It ultimately led to the arrest after the entrapment of the Provincial BIR chief of Mt. Province. Prior to his arrest, there were numerous complaints against him but no one reported them to the authorities. It took the courage of one individual to nail the culprit who had been victimizing tax payers for his own enrichment and others who are responsible for his assignment to this locality. Others are encouraged by this arrest to file affidavits to support the cause of the complainant.This is very positive on the part of the tax payers who are frustrated by corrupt people in the government. But sometimes I pity this guy who is forced to extort cash and goods since he is pressured by his superiors to make money for them yet they remain Scot free. He is doing these illegal activities to repay for the lucrative job given to him by these superiors. A BIR personnel I interviewed after he was reassigned to a lesser position told me that the reason for his relief from work was due to the fact that he is too honest. He cannot give gifts to his immediate superiors who expect something in return for his stay in a favored position. Hence, here in the Philippines we need trappers of corrupt people who are free from the recommendations of politicians. Appointments for government positions must be overhauled reflecting the merit system but free from the clutches of politicians.The reason is obvious, meddling hands should be prevented by law and must be applied squarely to all without bias and prejudice.

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